Our product diversity

Our king crab is, of course, our king. But in the meantime, we have many other products in our range as well. From snow crab, for which we have various products such as our newest additions, the croquettes and our burger patty, to scallops and brown crab meat. Browse through our catalog and explore our […]

Our Brown Crab

The brown crab is truly a delicacy. Its meat is rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids while containing low fat, making it a healthy choice for a balanced diet. The meat can be enjoyed in various ways, often used in salads, sandwiches, or as a filling for various dishes. We offer cooked premium flake […]

Quality Control of King Crab Legs

The quality of our products is our top priority. Through thorough raw material checks, we ensure that only the best king crab legs make it into production. This way, we can consistently offer our customers fresh and high-quality products. Visit our website regularly to learn more about our processes and the latest news Your 68°NOORD […]

Our Burger Patty – Juicy, Flavorful, simply Irresistible

Experience the perfect fusion of delicate Crab meat and flavorful aromas in our Crab Burger Patty. A juicy, flavor-packed patty that elevates every bite to a true culinary delight. The delicate texture of the Crab-Meat blends seamlessly with fresh vegetables, zesty sauce, and crispy bread to create an unparalleled taste sensation. Treat your customers to […]

Barcelona, it was a pleasure.

It was once again a pleasure to be part of this incredible event. We had the opportunity to connect with potential customers from around the world, as well as to nurture existing partnerships. Barcelona also provided a perfect backdrop for this important event. We are already looking forward to being part of it again next […]

Our Snow Crab Pearls

Here you see our delicious snow crab pearls, as we call them, made in Spain. The Spanish croquettes are fried to a golden brown in four minutes and ready to eat. The creamy and tender filling consists of 20% snow crab meat. YOUR 68°NOORD TEAM

Special White Tiger Shrimps?

New in stock: Litopenaeus Vannamei Our landbased shrimps from Spain come from the only ASC-certified recirculated land farm worldwide. This means our shrimps are not only incredibly delicious but also incredibly sustainable. YOUR 68°NOORD TEAM

Behind the scenes: Product shooting Merus

Today, let’s take a quick behind-the-scenes look at one of our product shootings, featuring our delicious King Crab Merus. Currently available in sizes M and L. Best regards from Hamburg YOUR 68°NOORD TEAM

68°NOORD Stand Party

Our stand party at the Fish International was an unforgettable event, celebrating not only our products but also highlighting the collaboration, networking, and shared passion for excellent seafood products. But see for yourselves in the gallery below;) Your 68°NOORD Team

Varieties of Snow Crab

In our warehouse, various varieties of snow crab await you. Enjoy the culinary diversity from the sea – secure your order now! Snow crab cocktail claws, size 21/25, cooked, 400g, packaging in French and Dutch.  Snow crab cocktail claws, size 31+, cooked, 800g.  Snow crab combo meat, cooked, 320g.  Snow crab croquettes, cooked, bulk, 1kg.  […]