Our Snow Crab Pearls

Here you see our delicious snow crab pearls, as we call them, made in Spain. The Spanish croquettes are fried to a golden brown in four minutes and ready to eat. The creamy and tender filling consists of 20% snow crab meat. YOUR 68°NOORD TEAM

Special White Tiger Shrimps?

New in stock: Litopenaeus Vannamei Our landbased shrimps from Spain come from the only ASC-certified recirculated land farm worldwide. This means our shrimps are not only incredibly delicious but also incredibly sustainable. YOUR 68°NOORD TEAM

Behind the scenes: Product shooting Merus

Today, let’s take a quick behind-the-scenes look at one of our product shootings, featuring our delicious King Crab Merus. Currently available in sizes M and L. Best regards from Hamburg YOUR 68°NOORD TEAM

68°NOORD Stand Party

Our stand party at the Fish International was an unforgettable event, celebrating not only our products but also highlighting the collaboration, networking, and shared passion for excellent seafood products. But see for yourselves in the gallery below;) Your 68°NOORD Team

Varieties of Snow Crab

In our warehouse, various varieties of snow crab await you. Enjoy the culinary diversity from the sea – secure your order now! Snow crab cocktail claws, size 21/25, cooked, 400g, packaging in French and Dutch.  Snow crab cocktail claws, size 31+, cooked, 800g.  Snow crab combo meat, cooked, 320g.  Snow crab croquettes, cooked, bulk, 1kg.  […]

Scallops available

In our warehouse, fresh scallops await your exploration. Experience the delicious diversity of the sea – secure your order now! Scallops whole, Size M, 200-300g, 5kg.  Scallops whole, Size XL, 13+cm, 5kg. Scallops whole, Size XXL, 14+cm, 5kg. Scallops half shell, Size L, 11-13cm, 1kg Tray flat shell. Scallops half shell, Size L, 11-13cm, 1kg […]

King crab legs and claws available now

In our warehouse, fresh king crab legs and claws await your discovery. Experience the unparalleled taste of the sea – order now! King crab legs and claws, whole, cooked, size L, 2.5kg. King crab legs and claws, whole, cooked, size 3L, 2.5kg. King crab legs and claws, whole, cooked, size 5L, 2.5kg. 

Fish International Bremen

We are proud to have been part of Fish International 2024 – an unparalleled platform that enabled us to share our passion for high-quality and premium seafood products with like-minded individuals and explore new business opportunities. We are looking forward to seeing you in April at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona. Your 68°Noord Team

68°NOORD On the way

Hello shellfish fans! From 25 to 27 February you can find us at the Fish International in Bremen Stand: 5G61. We will have some of our latest products with us, such as our snow crab cocktail Merus, also known as thigh fillet. This new product is an absolute finger-food star, but there’s more to come […]

68°NOORD wins Seafood Stars

Hello everyone! We were once again at this year’s Fishing Industry Summit in Hamburg and we really cleaned up at the Seafood Stars 2024 in the frozen fish and shellfish categories! We are really delighted about these two awards and are highly motivated to start the new year with lots of new product ideas! So […]